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Educate. Elevate.

Over the next 30 days, the Misfit Foundation is running a social experiment. We are bringing together a collection of world-changers to raise $500 each to hit an overall target of $15,000. These funds will remove the barriers to education faced by children at a school in one of the poorest areas of the world


Let's Raise $15,000

The Challenges

what we're facing

Overcrowded classrooms, poorly trained teachers, lack of money for school fees, costs of school uniform and lack of food makes accessing education in Uganda difficult for most children.


Let's get to work

In September the Misfit Foundation team, will travel to Uganda to train staff on the ground in the art of digital storytelling. This will empower them to tell the stories of the work they are doing and the children they are empowering in real time. Donors to this project will be able to see in real time the impact of their generosity

Creating a better future

Education changes everything

It costs $15,000 to fund the programming for a school for one year. This helps lower classroom sizes, provide teacher training and ensure student have access to the school lunch program. Learn more about Lessons for Life innovative approach to the programming they fund.

The Fundraisers

Susan Mathison

Kathy Sacks

Veel Hoeden

Mary Felger

Adam Wallace

Laura D’Ambrosio

Rachel Rodgers

Beverly Dracos

Katrin Macmillan


Jon Wilkening

Aaron Curtis

Gigi Peterkin

Annika Nynas

Jane Boyd

Sue Anne Reed

Kristen Runvik

Dominic Sanchez

Elsie Porter

Laura Aiisha

Ryan Payne

Brett Henley

Josh Layhue

David Ballagh and Agatha Taylor

Connor Mullins

Kosmo Nerdin

Peter Francis

Andy Gray and Maisie Smith

Adam Brault

Jonathan Ahlschwede

Indrani, Rilien & Israel Smith

C. C. Chapman

Amy Lynch

Laura Jelinek